The Bitterness of Poor Quality


We receive calls and emails from people seeking a bid on a graphics & wraps while soliciting bids from 2 or 3 or even every other sign company in the area. When we ask what criteria they plan to use to select a vendor, the most common response is “the lowest price.” Is the lowest price the best option for you? Let’s talk about the lowest price and see if it’s what you need.

Many people assume buying a vehicle wrap is just like buying gas for a car. You can research the gas features and quality. There are many different brands that make the product and the quality will generally be the same for that brand no matter where you buy it. The only thing left is to determine which gas station is willing or able to sell that gas for the lowest price. This is a sensible approach when you can compare apples-to-apples on standardized products like gas.

This approach doesn’t work well with custom products like vehicle wraps and graphics. There are many ways to wrap a vehicle. The details of the design, printing, and installation can produce a wide variety of end results and life expectancy. There are lots of things to consider when comparing apples-to-apples when you have 3 different bids.

A good graphics company will walk you through a process that will result in a product that meets or exceed your needs. They will ask insightful questions about your company and the purpose of the graphics. They will answer your questions and make a professional recommendation. It might even include attractive options that were never considered.

A good vehicle wrap company will stand behind and warranty their work if problems occur after the graphics are applied to the vehicle. There is always a chance of material failures or installation error and it’s always critical to choose a company that will give you their attention if these problems ever do occur.

A good vehicle wrap company will focus on maximizing your benefits based on your budget, offering an answer that would differ greatly from a 3-bid-lowest-price selection. A good vehicle wrap will put more money in your pocket than you will save with a cheap vehicle wrap. And more money in your pocket is always better, right?

Have you experienced the bitterness of poor quality that remained long after the sweetness of low price was forgotten? Don’t let this happen to you and consider contacting us below for any questions or comments.

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