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Our custom cut reusable stencils are a great solution to long-lasting stencils, We offer unlimited possibilities with precision cut delivering consistent quality every time. 10mil mylar stencils are great for all the small details what makes it a great choice for, logos, designs, and small or large format stencils. The poly stencils are actually more durable, has more flex, and lays flat and great for large details, big logos and larger format custom stencils. The 20mil magnetic stencils are great for custom lettering stencils are ideal for storage containers, drums, pipes, rail cars, dumpsters and more.

  • Ships in 3 business days after approvals
  • We recommend cleaning with soapy water or harsher solvents depending on paint more care information under the care section
  • Made out of pliable poly, mylar, or magnetic materials (mylar) most popular for stencils because of its pliability and durability. How long will it last? Years if taken care of, dozens to hundreds of uses.
  • Custom spray painting stencils are laser cut with precision and quick turn around time
  • Complimentary mockup sent on all stencils for your approval after order is placed
  • Need help choosing the right material for your personalized stencil? Check the materials section to read our guide on choosing the right material.
  • We can also custom laser cut any stock designs out of the stencil in addition to your logo or text. Just send us what you need or a link to an image to design your own custom logo stencil.
  • To aid wall painting with your stencil, consider a spray adhesive.
  • We recommend and will add a 2″ border around all edges to the size you choose. Keep this in mind when customizing your stencil below (if you want your cutout to be 5″, with the overspray border it will be total 7″)
  • This custom stencil maximum single sheet size is 36″x50″
  • To order one large stencil, broken into easy to manage 36″x50″ pcs, just order on this page and send us your art file, we’ll break it apart for you and adjust your order total after your approval.
  • If you’d like to speak to a stencil customer service rep, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Product Specifications / Sizing


Which material is best for a custom spray painting stencil?

Described as a “milky plastic”, Mylar stencils are our most popular. This economical and reusable stencil is extremely durable, can be easily cleaned with solvent and can be used many times and saved. Mylar is .010″ thick.

Looking for material heavy enough to mark on pavement, athletic fields or warehouse floors? Our 1/16“ and 1/8″ poly stencils are for large, heavy duty applications. You will appreciate the quality, durability, flexibility and clean cut design. When paint is dry, bend the stencil or hit against hard surface and paint will flake off easily. 1/16“ Min character – 1” 1/8” Min character – 1.5”

Material is .020″ thick and because it’s magnetized can easily mark your storage containers, drums, pipes, railcars, dumpsters and much more. Min character size 1”

How thick is our custom stencil material? Use this conversion guide to help




Mylar – 10mil.

0.25 mm

0.01 in

Poly – 1/16″

1.58 mm

0.0625 in

Poly – 1/8″

3.17 mm

0.125 in

Magnet – 20mil.

0.50 mm

0.02 in

Decoration Method: Laser Cut
Packaging: Bulk
Production Time: 2 to 4 days (complete order must be received by 11am CST)
Rush Shipping: Available!
Contact us for details.


Product Care


What paint should you use?
We recommend using acrylic or spray paint with mylar custom stencils. This will give you a good finish and long lasting stencil.

How should I fix the stencil in place?
Builders/Masking TapeThis is good for painted surfaces as it is low tack and will allow the stencil to be repositioned to get the stencil level.

Spray Adhesive Repositionable Stencil Spray Adhesive is ideal for use with wallpaper & floor stencils, border stencils or any other large stencil. Shake can well and hold about 8 inches from stencil. Spray lightly on the back of stencil to adhere to stenciling surface. You can use a product manufactured to remove adhesive or baby oil will remove the adhesive. Just be sure to clean the oil off of the stencil with a spray cleaner or sudsy water.

How to clean Mylar Stencils?
Mylar custom stencils can be cleaned with water, washing up liquid or paint cleaner. Most paints will be remove with a soft brush or scotchbright and clean water. If the paint remains, remove it with paint cleaner without damaging the mylar.

How to clean Poly Stencils?
After each use, clean the stencils right away. The basic process is SOFTEN, PEEL, and STORE FLAT.

Try to soften the paint. For water base paint soak the stencils. For larger stencils, roll and put in a drum. After 15 minutes most latex will soften and peel off. You can help it with a soft nylon bristle brush.

If the paint has completely cured, it will be more difficult.

Solvents work but paint will turn into a tarry, sticky goo and a mess to remove. For solvent based paints the appropriate solvent cleaner is required. It helps to soak. Use proper gloves, and eyewear protection.

Storing your Mylar stencils
After use the stencil should be cleaned and either wiped dry or allowed to dry in the air. Store your stencils flat. Placing paper or chipboard between stencils, keeps small letters and cutouts from interlocking and stencil damage.

Hanging storage: Drill a small hole in the stencil.


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