Poster Paper
A premium 8mil heavyweight paper with exceptional print quality. Wet strenghth paper that features outdoor durability and excellent scratch resistance. No lamination required. Printed with UV Solvent Inks.

Great for temporary outdoor signs, indoor posters, retail POP, event signage, concert posters, and framable prints

3mil and 6mil calendared vinyl:  An economical and popular 4-year weatherproof vinyl that prints with vivid colors. Popular choice for short-to-medium term decals, bumper stickers, window stickers, and promotional signage. Available in gloss, matte, and transparent with permanent and removeable adhesive.

3mil calendared air release vinyl:  A 4-year vinyl with bubble releasing technology for ease of installation. Designed for large indoor and outdoor pomotional graphics. Perfect choice for racecars and short-term large graphic installs.

2mil cast vinyl: High performance 7-year vinyl with a brilliant white surface that produces vivid, colorful prints. Features installer friendly air release technology, eliminates air bubbles while maintaining high tack bond and superior conformability. Great choice for long term vehicle graphics, decals and commercial signs. Removable with little or no adhesive residue for up to four years.

3M Controltac wrap vinyl:  The industry standard for performance and application. We've tried (and tested) the others, (even on our own van) and now 3M Controltac is the the ONLY vinyl we use on our large fleet graphics and vehicle wraps. Excellent air egress technology, repositionable, unmatched conformability and lifting restistance. Removable, will not remove vehicle paint upon deinstallation. So for the price conscious, it may not be the least expensive, but we have found the best and we will sacrifice losing a bid over using another wrap vinyl.

Static Cling
  Vinyl that sticks to glass without any adhesive and can be removed without leaving any residue. Repositionable and reusable. Ideal for a variety of window signs, membership and affiliation decals. For indoor use only. Available in white (recommended), clear, with face and back stick capabilities.

See-Thru Window Film
An innovative self-adhesive perforated film with black adhesive for application on the outside of windows only. This 2-3 year film's one way view tecnology allows you to view out, but blocks view in.

Ideal for storefront advertising, window posters, and innovative privacy window designs. Allows light in without blocking your view out.

Banner Material
13oz Scrim banner stock, for economical one sided banners only.

12oz Super smooth blockout material is printable on two sides. A non glare, super smooth finish, for high quality photographic banners. The best choice for quality interior banners, event signs and trade shows.

18oz Matte blockout banner stock, printable on both sides for heavy duty exterior banners.

Flexible magnet material has excellent weather resistance to rain, snow, heat and cold. Available in two thicknesses and magnetic power. 30mil for maximum holding power for signs, vehicles, and most metallic surfaces (not aluminum). 20mil for business card magetics, awareness magnets, and custom shaped refrigerator magnets.

Thicknesses Available: 20mil 30mil

A corrugated plastic that's lightweight, durable, and weatherproof. Channels running through the sheet work perfectly with step stake sign holders. These channels do create lines that are visible from a close distance, but not very noticeable from an intended viewing distance.

Coroplast signs are an inexpensive solution for indoor and outdoor usage. Perfect for promotional offers, real estate signs, jobsites, golf, political, and event signage applications.

Thicknesses Available: 4MM (1/16”) 6MM (1/4”) 10MM (3/8”) 12MM (7/16')

Fome-core is very smooth, economical and lightweight with a styrofoam core sandwiched between 2 sheets of clay coated paper. Because Fome-core is not as durable as other sign boards, it's normally used for short term indoor signage or displays to keep costs down.

Fome-core has become a favorite for mounting photographs, interior event signage, easel signs, sales presentations, artwork, and various other short-term signs.

Thicknesses Available: 3/16”

Gatorboard TM
Gatorboard is a premium polystyrene foam board bonded between two layers of Luxcell wood-fiber veneer. It is extremely rigid, flat, lightweight and durable. Gatorboard is the perfect choice for signs that are handled and transported regularly, such as trade show or real estate displays.

Gatorboard is much more rigid and resistant to dents and warping than Fome-core. A great option for easel displays, mounting photos, velcro signs, and long term interior signs.

Thicknesses Available: 3/16" 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1-1/2" 2""

Sintra TM PVC and E-PVCTM
Sintra PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is extremely versatile and a great choice
for medium-term exterior and long-term interior use. Sintra PVC is a premium, high-density plastic that is smooth, lightweight, rigid, and resistant to dents, scratches and moisture. E-PVC is lower density, less rigid and an economical alternative for less demanding applications.

PVC is often used for weatherproof signs, displays, award plaques, presentations, mounting, hanging point-of-purchase signs, and higher-end indoor signage.

Thicknesses Available: 1MM (1/32”) 2MM (1/16”) 3MM (1/8”) 6MM (1/4") 13MM (9/16")

Aluminum Signs
We offer aluminum signs in a variety of weights, shapes and sizes, with options available for rounded corners and drilled mounting options. Our aluminum signs are durable, won't rust and can be used indoors and out. They bring a high-tech feel to indoor environments, and less likely to become damaged than foam based mounting materials.

Aluminum lasts well in the elements, so very popular for long-term outdoor construction signs, fence mounted signs, road and parking lots, safety signs, and other outdoor projects.

Thicknesses Available: .032 .040  .050 .063 .080

Alupanel is a composite sign panel consisting of two .012" aluminum faces sandwiching a solid black polyethylene (plastic) core. Alupanel is lightweight, rigid, rot and corrosion resistant, with a high impact resistance and 5 year average life.

Alupanel combines durability with flexibility and available in many sizes and color choices. Perfect choice for wall/fence mounted signs, construction trailer mounted signs, menu boards, point-of-purchase, and multiple panel signs.

Thicknesses Available: 3MM (1/8")

Alumalite is a premium composite sign panel with two .040 high gloss baked enamel sheets laminated over a high-density corrugated polyallomer (CPA) core. Alumalite is lightweight, yet strong with an average 10 year life. Alumalite will not crack, chip, swell, rot, corrode or delaminate even under prolonged water exposure.

Alumalite comes in 2 thicknesses and is a favorite for commercial business signs, post mounted signs, wall/fence mounted signs, scoreboards, rules/regulations, and multiple panel signs.

Thicknesses Available: 6MM (1/4") 10MM (3/8")


Acrylics and LexanTM Polycarbonates
An assortment of plastics available in several grades based on your particular signage needs. These interior and exterior plastics have excellent light transmission, weatherability, thickness tolerance and color consistency and uniformity.

Quality plastics are available in clear, white and several colors and thicknesses. The perfect choice for wall mounted office signs with wall spacers for that premium appearance. Also a favorite for directional signs, professional trade show signs, hanging retail POP, backlit and exterior lighted sign faces.