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Car & Vehicle Wraps


Company Vehicle Wraps. Davenport, Iowa

Take Full Advantage of Your Vehicles Visible Space

Vehicle wraps are advertisements that either partially or completely cover a vehicle. At Hale Printing we do it all in-house design, print, and install, from start to finish so rest assured, you are getting the best car wrap possible. To ensure the best quality, our wrap installers always use standard vinyl installation procedures set by major graphics corporations like Avery, 3M, UASG, and Arlon, and backed with a 24 month warranty.

In addition to car wraps, we can wrap any type of vehicle: trailers, box trucks, buses, shuttle buses, SUV’s and more! (Sorry, no motorcycles, helmets or bicycles.)


Attractive Branding

A clear, concise design will promote sales and contribute to strong brand image. Our professional designers can help make you stand out above the competition. Our creative team will work with you to design vehicle graphics to meet any budget. Car wraps and vehicle graphics are extremely effective for vehicles that are always on the road or just parked in front of your business. They are also perfect for short term special events and promotions. Car wraps allow you to reach a much larger audience just by driving your vehicle day to day.

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Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

Sometimes a full vehicle wrap is more coverage than you want to do. No Problem! You can still use your vehicle as an effective promotional tool with a partial vehicle wrap, vinyl graphics, or vehicle magnets!

Vehicle Wraps Options

There are so many options when it comes to automotive wraps. We have full vehicle wraps, partial vehicle wraps, spot graphics and window wraps to fit any budget.

  • Full vehicle wrap: Full wraps cover an entire vehicle, including cars, box trucks, vans and food trucks, delivering a dramatic message to anyone who sees it. They’ll cover the hood, the roof, the pillars, the sides and any other place where paint could show through. Typically, full wraps are the best choice for businesses looking for maximum exposure and a cohesive design. Color change wraps are popular for those looking to completely change the color or appearance of your vehicle. You can advertise with the whole surface area of your vehicle.
  • Partial vehicle wrap: With a partial wrap, you can save money and only cover a few parts of the vehicle. You may have half of a bus to cover or you want to leave your car’s roof the original color to go with your design. A partial wrap can accomplish that and wrap just a few parts of the car.
  • Spot graphics: Say you have a vehicle with a lot of space, like a utility van. That blank canvas can be a good place for you to put your logo without necessarily wrapping the whole vehicle or even that section. We offer smaller spot graphics to fill these areas and bring your imagery to the vehicle at the lowest cost. Window decals can also be an excellent addition.
  • Window coverings: Though they are typically an element in a full wrap, you can cover your windows with a perforated vinyl that extends your design over them. They are see-through from the inside, so you can use them without influencing your visibility. They appear as a solid design on the outside.

Truck Wrap Campos Muffler & Brakes - Rock Island, IL

Professional Wraps For All Vehicle Types

Wraps For All Vehicle TypesIf you're in need of an effective fleet wraps, trailer wraps, van wraps, truck wraps, personal car wraps, or would just like a color change, Hale Print has you covered with the correct, tools, and experience needed to create the right vinyl wrap or graphics to fit any needs!

Our designers will discuss your ideas and goals, so they have a firm understanding of not only what you want your final wrap to look like, and your intended use and goals. Our custom quote will include any services you require, such as vehicle wrap design, print, and installation.

Our Vehicle Wrap Services Include:

As your full-service Quad City sign company, we provide all kinds of solutions for high-quality business signs, including interior signs, exterior signs & banners, and any custom signage or safety signage needed or required to have.

Effective Wraps For Your Entire Fleet

Fleet Vehicle WrapsVinyl wraps are not only great at advertising your business, they are also ideal for building your customers confidence and managing their perception as well. If your business visits clients at home, like home theater installation teams, exterminators, or HVAC, your clients can often be hesitant when allowing your employees into their homes. With vinyl wraps, your clients will feel more confident that you are who you say you are and feel more at ease when welcoming you into their homes.

Vehicle wraps have become increasingly popular across all industries; they are most popular among construction companies, food trucks, plumbers, repair techs, electricians, delivery vehicles, shuttle vehicles, landscapers, and tutors. mobile window repair, and others. Any business can benefit from vehicle vinyl graphics or vehicle wraps.


-Works 24/7

-Added protection

-Cheaper than custom paint

-Tax deductable

-Covered by a warranty

Tips for Vehicle Wraps

Here are some basic tips that you should follow if you're interested in a vehicle wrap:

1. Let a Professional Install Them

Sure you can DIY your vehicle wrap by yourself. Instead, a professional who has been trained and certified to install vehicle wraps should get the job done for you.

A professional will have the proper tools, and techniques, needed to install the wrap properly. A proper installed vehicle wrap shine for years. Graphic installation takes practice, and it can take many hours to complete the process. Instead of risking an improperly installed wrap, hire a professional graphic installer to ensure that the wrap is as visually appealing and durable as possible.

2. Keeping the Wraps Clean

Vehicle wraps are made to hold up against the outdoor elements, regular cleaing of the vehicle wrap is always best. Handwash the wraps is always the recomended way to wash them. A gentle handwashing lets you remove grime and dirt as gently as possible. When washing a wrap, use mild detergents and a soft microfiber cloth, and stay away from harsh chemicals, hard scrubbers or abrasives.

If you do decide to run the vehicle wrap through automated car washes, then you should select the most gentle cycle as possible. The wraps should never be cleaned with a pressure washer. That being said, after a vehicle has been wrapped, you’ll want to wait for a week or two before doing any kind of washing or rinsing.

3. Keep it Simple

Since your truck and other vehicles on the road will often be traveling at fast speeds, you don’t want your truck wrap to have an overly complicated design. It’s a good idea to keep the design simple so that you can communicate with other drivers effectively.

It’s common for companies to include their slogan, company logo, name, website and phone number on their truck wrap. This content is about all you need to have an effectively designed truck wrap. Having plenty of empty space is not a bad thing, as it makes the wrap easier to look at and draws attention to important information.

Graphic Installation Company. Davenport, Iowa

Graphic Installation

Hale Printing is a leading provider of high-definition, large-format graphics. We do everything in-house including design, print and installation. With the latest in digital print technology, and installating training, Hale Printing help businesses achieve massive exposure by offering many solutions.

Full Service Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrap QuoteWe are here for you throughout your entire vehicle wrapping project. We begin with a free wrap consultation where we discuss what you want on your wraps, the type of vehicles you have, and your promotional goals. We will go over the ideas you have, our thoughts, and come up with the specifics for what needs to be there. Our designers will then create concepts of your wrap so you can see exactly what your final project can look like when installed on your vehicle. These samples offer you the option to make any changes that you wish, from basic text edits to where your design is placed on your car. After all, this is your wrap, and we want to make sure that you are ecstatic as you cruise around town in the finished product.

After you approve your final project, we will begin fabricating the individual vinyl elements that will be used for your graphic or wrap, right here in our local Quad City wrap shop.

After your project is finished, we send it over to our experienced installation team for application to your vehicle. Our team will carefully and accurately apply it to your car, ensuring that it matches your approved proof and is perfectly aligned and without any cuts or damage to your paint.


Vehicle Wrap Projects

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