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Vehicle Window Film

Vehicle Window film wraps

Take your vehicle transformation to the next level with perforated window film custom created by Hale Print!

Perforated window film is a fantastic way to take a full or partial vehicle wrap to the next level. Your vinyl window film can be printed with your logo, business information, or any graphic you desire, allowing you to personalize your vehicle any way you wish.

Perforated window film allows you to provide privacy for your vehicle patrons, who still benefit from full visibility. While outsiders can only see your marketing messaging adorning your windows, while inside your vehicle occupants are able to clearly see their surroundings unimpaired. This is a great way to add a high-impact finish to your commercial vehicles.

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On-The-Road Vehicle Branding

Vehicle Window WrapWhen it comes to taking your brand on the road, vehicle wraps and graphics are the way to go. But nothing complements your wraps quite like vehicle window film. Your vehicle wraps often include your logo, graphics that complement your business, and sometimes your contact information.

By utilizing your windows, you can take your graphic design to the next level. Instead of mushing your logo, graphics, and business information on your vehicle, you can put your branding information on your windows, increase your logo size, or make it even more dynamic!

In addition to taking your vehicle transformation further, vehicle window film is entirely legal, provides some privacy to the inside of your vehicle, and allows your vehicle inhabitants to see perfectly!

Many businesses utilize their windows to add their companies catchphrase, essentially helping to cement their brand into the minds of any who see their vehicle.

Full Service Sign Company

Window Wraps

Full-service, local signage shop, Hale Print not only offers complete vehicle graphics services, but also professional design and installation services including exterior and interior graphics for offices and businesses. This means that we handle every aspect of your project. Working with you, ensuring that you get the right product to fit your budget, brand, and business, rather than a costly product that does little or nothing to help you reach your marketing goals.

Once we have an approved project, our experienced fabrication team will work quickly and efficiently to create your vinyl project. By using state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality, sustainable materials and business practices, we deliver the solutions you need in the timeframe you need it and within your budget.

After your project is complete, our installation team will carefully install your window film, ensuring your vehicle film is free of bubbles, warps, ripples, and is aligned perfectly and looks fantastic on your vehicle or office window!

We Design, Print & Install

Once we have the measurements of the vehicle, we create a template and start the design process. Going back and forth via email we will knock out a winning design for your personal vehicle. We look forward to working with you and helping you extend your marketing efforts into new areas!

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