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What is a Wrap?

Commercial Box Truck Vehicle Wrap

What is a vehicle wrap?

A wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal. It is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. The application of the wrap allows you to change the vehicle’s appearance and allows you to remove the wrap, returning the vehicle back to its original condition.

What are the steps in a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle and fleet wraps are comprised of three phases. The first is the design phase which includes getting accurate measurements from your vehicle and completing the design of the graphics to be applied. The second is production, where the graphics are printed and laminated to protect the vinyl from abrasions and UV rays that cause graphics to fade over time. The third step is the vehicle prep and cleaning and graphic installation.

What’s the difference between partial and full vehicle wraps?

Anything less than a full complete wrap is normally called a “partial wrap”. A half wrap normally includes the entire rear or front and halfway up the vehicle, and includes a hood logo. A three-quarters partial wrap normally includes the entire rear of the vehicle, up to the front doors, and includes a hood logo. Typically, a full wrap includes the entire surface of the vehicle. No roof or bumpers, additional charges apply.

How long will the wrap stay on my vehicle?

Typically, manufactures have developed wrap media for printed commercial wraps to last four years, some longer, before it should be removed and replaced.

Will a vehicle wrap damage my paint?

No, manufacturers, like 3M and Avery, have highly developed wrap medias to not damage original OEM factory paint in good condition.  If your vehicle has anything less than an original factory paint and clear coat, damage may occur upon the install and/or removal. If your paint is chipped, a wrap may pull the paint or failing clear coat off when removed.

Do I need to wash my vehicle before I drop it off?

Yes, vehicles must be prewashed and free of mud, wax, oil, armor-all type products, and other agents that may prevent the vinyl from adhering to the vehicle surface.  Simply run your vehicle (trailers too) through the car wash prior to dropping off. Be sure clean the wheel wells, bumpers and door frames also.

How long will I lose my vehicle for?

Depending on the amount of the vehicle we are covering with graphics and the amount of preparation needed to be done to the vehicle such as cleaning etc., you can lose your vehicle anywhere from 1-5 full days.

If my wrap gets damaged, can I get it fixed?

Yes, if your vehicle is in a collision you can have the vehicle repaired and painted then after the paint cures you can have the graphics replace. You may not need to redo the entire wrap if the damage is limited to certain areas of the vehicle.

How can I justify the cost of a vehicle wrap?

If you are using your vehicle wrap as signage, there is no more cost-effective advertising method available. It has been proven that the cost per impression (CPI) of vehicles wraps is less than other forms of advertising such as billboards, television, radio, and yellow pages. If you are using your vehicle wrap to improve the appearance of your vehicle,  there is no better way to customize and remove for resale while protecting your investment at the same time.

Can you easily remove the vinyl wraps?

Yes, with the brands we trust and use, they have a clean removability for up to 4 years leaving little to no adhesive residue.

Can I wrap my vehicles windows?

Yes, we wrap windows with graphics printed on perforated window film. Perforated window vinyl has very small holes allowing you to view out. We highly recommend laminating all window graphics with optically clear protective film, giving extra UV protection and keeping the dirt and rain out of the holes, allowing you to keep seeing out.  From inside the vehicle, visibility is similar to regular window tint. From the outside, the graphic is visible.

Window wrap media does not last as long as vehicle wrap media and may need replaced during the life of your wrap.

What is my warranty?

We warranty our installation workmanship for two years. We will take care any installation issues for a period of two (2) years. Your only obligation is to bring into us immediately so vinyl does not become contaminated. We will fix any questionable areas, we will not replace your wrap.

We do not warranty normal wear and tear, road rash, rubbing, scratching, or any harsh chemical usage. We do not warranty window films or window lettering, horizontal surfaces, complex compound curves, bumpers, application to rubber, fiberglass, bondo.

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