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What paint should you use?

We recommend using acrylic or spray paint with mylar custom stencils. This will give you a good finish and long lasting stencil.

How should I fix the stencil in place?

Builders/Masking TapeThis is good for painted surfaces as it is low tack and will allow the stencil to be repositioned to get the stencil level.

Spray Adhesive Repositionable Stencil Spray Adhesive is ideal for use with wallpaper & floor stencils, border stencils or any other large stencil. Shake can well and hold about 8 inches from stencil. Spray lightly on the back of stencil to adhere to stenciling surface. You can use a product manufactured to remove adhesive or baby oil will remove the adhesive. Just be sure to clean the oil off of the stencil with a spray cleaner or sudsy water.

How to clean Mylar Stencils?

Mylar custom stencils can be cleaned with water, washing up liquid or paint cleaner. Most paints will be remove with a soft brush or scotchbright and clean water. If the paint remains, remove it with paint cleaner without damaging the mylar.

How to clean Poly Stencils?

After each use, clean the stencils right away. The basic process is SOFTEN, PEEL, and STORE FLAT.

Try to soften the paint. For water base paint soak the stencils. For larger stencils, roll and put in a drum. After 15 minutes most latex will soften and peel off. You can help it with a soft nylon bristle brush.

If the paint has completely cured, it will be more difficult.

Solvents work but paint will turn into a tarry, sticky goo and a mess to remove. For solvent based paints the appropriate solvent cleaner is required. It helps to soak. Use proper gloves, and eyewear protection.

Storing your Mylar stencils

After use the stencil should be cleaned and either wiped dry or allowed to dry in the air. Store your stencils flat. Placing paper or chipboard between stencils, keeps small letters and cutouts from interlocking and stencil damage.

Hanging storage: Drill a small hole in the stencil.

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