Vehicle Magnet Signs

Convenient, Temporary Signage Solution for Metal Surfaces

Magnetic Signs Work Great for Part Time Use Vehicles that Need Flexibility

Magnetic Signs are a cost effective way to advertise your business. A great way for your business to get that professional look without using permanent graphics. Then easily removed for personal use.

• Durable 36mils Thick
• 100% Magnetic Sheeting
UV Solvent Inks
• Protective UV Overlam
Unlimited Colors
• Exceptional Clarity

Company Identification is mandatory for some service or delivery vehicles. Magnetic signs are perfect for vehicles that enter private properties or park on city streets for deliveries.

The Department of Transportation may require you to display your DOT numbers on both sides of your vehicle. Magnetic signs are perfect for displaying this mandatory DOT information.

Companies who utilize their employees’ personal vehicles benefit from having magnets on hand