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Custom Stencils for Logos, Designs, or Text

Reusable stencils for spray paint, ink, or paint rollers on equipment , walls or pavement. Stencils can be made from different materials like plastic mylar, Poly, or Magnet. Mylar stencils are used for all the small details and Poly is used for larger, or industrial stencils. We can use just about any design or logo to create a stencil for you. Custom stencils are a great way to quickly mark your products and enhance your image.

Select from our popular stencil materials below.

Custom Cut Mylar Stencils

Mylar Stencils

Great for all the small details.

We offer unlimited possibilities with precision cut Mylar stencils delivering consistent quality everytime.

Poly 1/16 Stencils

Poly 1/16" Stencils

For when you need a more durable stencil

This makes Poly stencils a great choice for larger stencils, logos, designs, and small or large format stencils.

1/8 thick stencils - The most durable choice

Poly 1/8" Stencils

The most durable stencil we offer.

This is the best choice for any Industrial Heavy Duty large stencils that will be used for hundreds or thousands of times.

Mylar face with the power of magnetic

Magnetic Stencils

Great choice for metal surfaces, dumpsters, pipes, etc.

When you need that extra hold to a surface the power of magnets will get the job done quick, just mount on surface and paint with no need for any tape.

What material is best for custom stencils?


Described as a "milky plastic", Mylar stencils are our most popular stencil material. Great choice for economical reusable custom stencils. Stencils can be easily cleaned with solvent and can be used many times. Mylar is .010″ thick.


Looking for material heavy enough to mark on pavement, athletic fields or warehouse floors? Our 1/16" and 1/8″ poly stencils are for large, heavy duty applications. You will appreciate the quality, durability, flexibility and clean cut design. When paint is dry, bend the stencils or hit against hard surface and paint will flake off easily. 1/16" Min character – 1" 1/8" Min character – 1.5"


Custom magnetic stencils material is .030″ thick and because it's magnetized can easily mark your storage containers, drums, pipes, railcars, dumpsters, simply mount stencil to surface and paint. Our material has a Mylar coated front, great for the reusable surface to hold up to the paints and inks, and a magnetic back great for the hold on to magnetic surfaces when needed.  Min character size 1"

How thick is our custom stencil material? Use this conversion guide to help

Stencil Material Guide

Material Millimeters Inches
Mylar 10mil.
0.25 mm 0.01 in.
Poly 1/16"
1.58 mm
0.0625 in.
Poly 1/8"
3.17 mm 0.125 in.
Magnet 20mil.
0.50mm 0.02 in.

Stencil Designer


We make the process easy and insure that you get a stencil that will make your project turn our perfectly. Whether you need help uploading your design or help with setting up your stencil design, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help.

Make A Statement with Stencils:

Custom Stencils are an effective way to build your brand with marketing, add a decorative touch, or make a statement. Whether you wantl to make a sign, put your logo on your equipment or furnishings, or put inspiring words on your wall, custom stencils are an easy and cost effective option.

custom made reusable stencils

Our Stencils are Reusable

How long will stencils they last?

Years if taken care of, dozens to hundreds of uses if stored and cleaned properly. Learn more about the care for your custom stencils.